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Two Tasty Under $30 Super Tuscans from Antinori!
October 10, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Toscana has a wild climate; it's bitter cold and often incredibly snowy in winter and terrifically hot in the summer. But however much you try to generalize, you really can't. the difference of just a few kilometers closer or father from the ocean, up or down a mountain, nearer to or farther away from a river can make huge differences. Le Mortelle, owned by the Antinori family, sits near the Maremma coast in Toscana, pretty close to Antinori's Guado al Tasso holdings in Bolgheri. But while these two Antinori estates are near one another, they have very different climates--Le Mortelle's proximity to the sea means that its wines are a little riper, a little more saline, and a bit more fruit forward.

Antinori makes the most of Le Mortelle's proximity to the sea, almost bottling the sunshine and the cleanness of the ocean. Piero Antinori, Renzo Cotarella, and their team take care to craft wines that showcase the juiciness, the freshness, and the saline minerality of Le Mortelle's microclimate. Today, I'm delighted to present a new allocation of Le Mortelle 2016 Vivia Maremma Toscana and the estate's 2015 Botrosecco Maremma Toscana. The first is a precise, sprightly white and the second is a delectable, spicy red--they're great to sip any time of the year. Both are under $30 a bottle, and you're going to love them!


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