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New Events Added, The Lord of the Vines, Value in Giusto di Notri and More
October 11, 2012

New Events Added, The Lord of the Vines, Value in Giusto di Notri and More

A Note from Sergio

There are two roads that take you to Tua Rita; both are dirt. If you go to visit, it's likely that your GPS will tell you to take the lesser, bumpier of the two dirt roads. GPS systems have a sense of humor in Italy. When you finally get there and get out of your car, an old dog will slowly rise from his sunlit nap and shuffle over to greet you. Once he does, he'll go and lie down again. His job is done.


You'll see cluster of buildings. On one side of Tua Rita is the new cellar facility, and on the other is the house that Rita Tua, her husband and their kids bought for their vacation home all those years ago in the mid-'80s. Both structures have a ramshackle air about them, but they're warm and welcoming, like the dog and like all the busy people who you see in the fields that stretch out before your eyes beyond the cellar facility. Get there in spring just as the grass is cut, and you'll smell wild onion mixed with that familiar verdant scent.


Tua Rita has exploded since it hit the ground running in the early '90s. It's big with everyone--serious collectors, critics and novice wine-lovers. That's because Tua Rita makes unabashedly delicious wines--big, complex wines that hug you like an Italian Grandma, that sing of the happiness that surrounds the estate, and that belie their extraordinary level of craft with just how easy they are to enjoy. Today, I'm delighted to offer you three vintages each of Tua Rita flagship, Giusto di Notri, and its world-class Merlot, Redigaffi. I defy you not to drink them and get a smile on your face. They're wines that burst with love and happiness.

My Best,  


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Valentini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2000 750ml
Valentini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2000 750ml
Price: $375.00

Deep purple in color, the ’00 vintage offers a complex bouquet of ripe dark fruit, tobacco, and pepper. This rich and intense, velveteen-palate wine offers black currant jam, cocoa, truffles, and spice, with a strong backbone and tannins that provide for a marathon finish. This Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is one of Italy's most sought-after wines and a cellar trophy for the collector. The late, great Lord of the Vines, Edoardo Valentini, put this wine on the global map with his elegantly rustic, unfiltered red produced from late harvest grapes grown on vines of 25-35 years of ages. The production varies by vintage, but one thing is certain: the wine's ability to deliver concentration and agebility. more info