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Masseto 2009 - 1986, Sassicaia Touch in Sardegna, IWM Wine Festival, and more
October 15, 2012

Masseto 2009 - 1986, Sassicaia Touch in Sardegna, IWM Wine Festival, and more

A Note from Sergio

Grape vines that grow on islands are subject to extreme weather. They learn to deal with the wild shifts of island climates--the hurricanes, the windstorms, the constant change. Vines have to huddle down; their roots grow deep into the ground, seeking not only nourishment but also traction. They change, evolve, and grow into weather-beaten rootstock, those resistant varietals with grapes that flourish in unpredictable conditions. Drink the wines made from island-grown vines, and you can taste their island nature. These are wines with a tougher skin but also with a vibrancy, a vigor, a kind of wildness, and a deeply rooted sense of place.


This week, I'm delighted island wines from Sardegna, an island that is no stranger to nature's whims. Sardegna has deep winemaking traditions and unusual indigenous varietals, and the wines of Agricola Punica, a collaboration of Giacomo Tachis and Sassicaia greats Marchese Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta and Sebastiano Rosa, show their land's wild island spirit, imbued as they are with Sardegna's buffeting winds, rocky lands and almost arid dryness. They're delicious, a rare combination of elegant and rough edges, like a man in a perfect suit riding a vintage Harley Davidson.


But there's more--especially for you who look forward to the rare, the beautiful and the unparalleled. I'm also proud to offer an unprecedented vintage streak of Masetto. It's an incredible selection of seriously collectable wines that will call to the serious collector, and it's capped by the 2009 Masetto, the most recent release of Ornellaia's cult Merlot. Offers like this one make me glad. Incredible wines, impeccable provenance, and people like you--I love my work.

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