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Tempting Talenti Brunello Pair, Under $50 a Bottle with Special Pricing!
October 15, 2019
A Note from Sergio

I don't just love wine; I love the people who make it. Italy--and, indeed, the world--is filled with beautiful, idiosyncratic, mad artists whose medium is grapes. Just as people who paint, sculpt, draw, write, choreograph, or make music tend to be a little left of center, so too do winemakers. But as artists, winemakers have to contend with the vicissitudes of weather, the exigencies of supply and demand, a huge staff that they have to time with the precision of an air traffic controller, and they have to juggle all of this while watching over their wine with an alchemist's eye.

I find winemakers intrinsically interesting, and I believe that knowing them, especially the really great ones, helps me better appreciate and understand their wines. Once I've broken bread with a winemaker, I never taste his or her wine the same way. It's always imbued with the knowledge of the person who made it; I can feel the hand in the glass, as it were. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to host a couple of IWM dinners with Riccardo Talenti, the winemaker behind the Brunello I'm offering today. Riccardo is an impassioned, knowledgeable speaker, and his love for Brunello imbues his facial expressions, and his gestures, almost as if he could physically make Brunello converts with his words.

Riccardo calls Brunello "a little island of happiness in Italian agriculture," and I see his point. Over the past seventy years or so, Montalcino rose from poverty to prosperity because of its Brunello. Today, I'm delighted to present a pair of Riccardo's wonderful Brunello wines, Talenti's lush, lively 2011 Brunello and its balanced, powerful 2012 Brunello. Costing less than $50 a bottle with special pricing, these wines are seriously tempting right now, but if you can hold off a year or two, they'll be even better!


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito