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Ancient Varietals, Sassicaia of the South, 1959 Grand Cru Burgundy....
October 17, 2012

Ancient Varietals, Sassicaia of the South, 1959 Grand Cru Burgundy....

A Note from Sergio

It makes sense that I love the wines of Campania. After all, I was born in Napoli, the capital of Campania, and these are the wines that bring to mind my family's meals--the delicately fluffy fried zucchini blossoms, the slices of thick hand-cut prosciutto, and plates of branzino roasted whole and seasoned with rosemary. I left Napoli at six, but I distinctly remember sneaking the dregs of wine from the near-empty glasses of my parents and uncles. The wines of Campania, those wild, intense and distinctly southern wines, nourish me, whether they're heady traditional expressions or distinctly international interpretations.


Today, I'm delighted to feature wines from two cult Campania producers, Montevetrano and Galardi--including the largest vertical collection of Montevetrano ever assembled. Mastroberardino might have kicked down the barriers to Campanian wines with its mind-bending Taurasi and other wines made from indigenous grapes, but Montevetrano and Galardi bust the door wide open. Both of these estates are singular--not only because they each devote themselves to making just one wine, but also because they quickly shot from garagiste winemaker to international prominence. That quick ascendancy wouldn't necessarily guarantee a spot in my heart, but these estates make compelling wines, wines that marry the heat of Italy's South with the kind of fluidity, finesse and age-ability that comes from great winemaking.


It's thrilling to be able to offer eleven vintages of Montevetrano and nine of Galardi Terra di Lavoro. No one else can do that, but then few retailers have clients like IWM does: wine-lovers who appreciate the wild, intense, dense, cult classics that could only come from my first home, Campania. Enjoy these wines and, if you can, join us at an upcoming winemaker event featuring Montevetrano's Silvia Imperato; it's an event that'll be as wild, elegant and impressive as the woman herself.

My Best,  


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