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La Ca'Növa's Captivating Cru Barbera! And Benchmark Pelissero Barbaresco!
October 2, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Piemonte is shockingly complex. Its 59 subregions hold 42 DOC wines and 17 DOCG wines, made from about twenty grape varietals, almost all indigenous and nearly all presented in mono-varietal wines. The most famous Piemonte grape is, of course, Nebbiolo, the red-skinned, finicky, tightly bunched grape that makes both Barolo, Italy's "King of Wine," and Barbaresco, Italy's "Queen." But just because Nebbiolo steals the spotlight, don't sleep on Piemonte's other red grapes. Dolcetto, Barbera, and even lesser-known Freisa are all great when they come from ideal lands and super producers, and fortunately for us, Piemonte has plenty of both. The upshot is that while Piemonte may look simple (just a few grapes, mostly made into mono-varietals), its endless swirl of hills hold surprises--even for those of us who think we've seen it and drunk it all.

Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to a new Piemontese producer, La Ca'Növa. It's run by brothers Marco Rocca, the winemaker, and Ivan, the agronomist, who still get help from their dad, Pietro. La Ca'Növa makes its wines with traditional methods; it's entirely organic in the vineyards, and thoroughly traditional in the cellar, relying on natural yeasts, ambient temperature, and giant neutral Austrian oak casks for aging. While La Ca'Növa is best known for its Barbaresco, today's wine is a cru Barbera, the estate's thrilling, succulent 2017 Barbera d' Alba Loreto. It's under $25 a bottle, and it's a terrific introduction to La Ca'Növa's rustic, elegant house style. Drink like a Langhe local with this Barbera, and you'll be very happy.

I'm also excited to bring back Pelissero's captivating 2013 Barbaresco Vanotu. Another family-owned estate, Pelissero's methods also hearken back to a time before modernism, and today's 2013 Barbaresco will thrill the wine's many fans.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito