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Nebbiolo Favorites, Prunotto’s Silky Barolo and Seghesio’s “Baby Barolo”! And Cru Brunello!
October 25, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Nebbiolo is the defining grape of the Langhe. It's the grape that makes Barbaresco and Barolo the "queen" and the "king" of wines, and it's a grape capable of wines with a beauty so transcendent that it's almost mystical. Extremely terroir-driven and expressive, Nebbiolo changes drastically depending on where it grows and what winemaking techniques the producer uses. However flexible the grape, Nebbiolo wine is so distinctive that you know it the moment your nose smells it: wafting with tar and flowers, a slight medicinal note, a sweet roasted meat scent as it gets older; all these attributes plus its deep fruit and tobacco finish set Nebbiolo apart.

Nebbiolo's astounding flexibility makes Piemonte's swirling hills with its infinite microclimates a perfect home. No two Nebbiolo wines are the same; we have much to love. Today, I'm very proud to bring you two Nebbiolo loves for you to explore. First, there's a very affordable cuvée Barolo from Prunotto, the venerable Piemonte estate owned and operated by the Antinori family for the last couple of decades. 2011 was a hot growing year in Italy--even in the swirling hills of Piemonte, where summers tend to be cool--but the year's heat translates into a silky, luscious Prunotto Barolo. Palates new to Nebbiolo will love Prunotto's 2011 Barolo, but they'll also enjoy Seghesio's 2012 Ruri Langhe, the second Nebbiolo wine offered today. It's delicious--vibrant, perfumed, and surprisingly complex!

Along with these two superlative Nebbiolo wines, I'm very happy to bring you 2012 Brunello di Montalcino Le Lucére, an outstanding cru Brunello. This estate sits right by Biondi-Santi, and while it was founded in the early '70s, it has only recent found a following. After new owner Roberto Gianelli assumed control, he made a lot of changes. They're showing in today's silky cru San Filippo Brunello. Less than $80 a bottle, this is the rare cru Brunello that's an affordable luxury. This 2012 bursts with telltale Montalcino terroir--it's like drinking a fine September day in Toscana.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito