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Marvelous, Muscular $75 Amarone! And Legendary 1961 Giacomo Conterno Barolo!
October 3, 2019
A Note from Sergio

In the morning, there's a little bite to the air, and the sky seems to be a slightly starker shade of blue. I've taken my sweaters out of storage. The foods I crave have begun their subtle shift from lightly grilled fish, ripe tomatoes still warm from the sun, and corn on the cob to slightly heavier fare--Branzino Arrosto, Trenette Genovese, or even Brasato al Barolo, on those nights when the air seems especially chilly. It's clear: fall is here, and the change of season means a change in the clothes I wear, the food I eat and, naturally, the wines I drink.

The wine I choose reflects not only the mood I'm in, the food I'm eating and the feeling I want to evoke in my companions, but it also reflects the weather. I love a dry, crisp Verdicchio Castelli dei Jesi, but I'd no more drink one on a snowy day in January than I'd drink a brooding Brunello di Montalcino on a steamy night in August. I recognize that part of this to-every-wine-there-is-a-season feeling comes from my Italian heritage. Italians traditionally eat the food that's seasonally available and drink the wine cultivated in their home regions. It just seems natural: I feel the weather change, and I have this atavistic need to reach for the bottle the new season calls for.

In other words, it's Amarone season (or Brunello, Barolo, hefty whites, warming Chianti Classico, or luscious Super Tuscans), and today, I'm delighted to bring you one of IWM's favorites, Brigaldara 2013 Amarone della Valpolicella. Brigaldara is one of the winemakers who makes a superb Amarone at pricing that isn't prohibitive. While there's no question that Quintarelli and Dal Forno craft Amarone wines that are out of this world, their great wines command commensurately great prices. I believe everyone deserves a little luxury now and then, and that's why I've championed Brigaldara's Amarone bottlings for years. Today's wine fills the mouth with all the texture, all the kaleidoscopic notes, and all the decadence you expect from an Amarone, but it's just under $76 a bottle. Fall beckons! Answer with this Amarone.

Finally, I managed to score a few more bottles of Giacomo Conterno's otherworldly 1961 Barolo--enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Giacomo Conterno Barolo 1961 750ml
Giacomo Conterno Barolo 1961 750ml
Price: $699.00

1961 is widely considered one of the great Piemonte vintages of the 1960s, and this Giacomo Conterno Barolo stands the test of time. This wine’s remarkable primary red and blue fruits dance against a framework of worn saddle leather, crushed herbs, dried rose petals, warm earth, and tertiary notes of autumn leaves, roasted game, and white truffles. At once ethereal and powerful, this Barolo floats on the palate while its spectacular minerality and surprising acidic core propel its silky, complex and kaleidoscopic finish. A magical wine, Conterno’s ’61 Barolo captivates from every angle, embodying its majestic vintage with its sheer finesse and breathtaking longevity. This 1961 Barolo dates from the years when the Giacomo Conterno estate still purchased their grapes from trusted local growers with prime vineyards in Monforte and Serralunga; this Barolo was crafted almost entirely by Giovanni, Giacomo’s son, in traditional methods. more info