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Return of Antinori's Epic 2015 Tignanello
October 30, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Wine people have made a lot of fuss about the 1997 Super Tuscans. 1997 offered a perfect convergence of ideal weather and winemaking professionalism, and while some 1997 wines were over-hyped, fading fast after their first bloom, others escaped this fate. Antinori's 1997 Tignanello lived up to its hype. Decades later, it drinks with an electric feel under its plushness, big but supple, explosive but detailed--like one of those firecrackers that bursts, and bursts again, and bursts again, surprising anew with myriad shades and shapes. Antinori's '97 Tignanello stands out as a vibrant thoroughbred that excites you again and again.

It's far too early to say that the 2015 Tignanello will be as great as the 1997, but the two Tig vintages are much alike. Their grapes grew in similar weather, and Antinori's winemaking is now yet more skillful than it was in 1997. While I can't predict the future for the '15 Tig with total accuracy, I can say that the 2015 Tignanello echoes of the 1997. It's lush but it's lively. It's big but it's defined. It's ripe but it's refined. And, as with the 1997, it's a wine you don't want to miss. Today, I'm very proud to present a new allocation Antinori's 2015 Tignanello. I think you'll like it--a lot.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito