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Radiant Under $70 2013 Brunello from Il Poggione
October 31, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Montalcino isn't big, but it offers 24 discrete microclimates with myriad tiny pockets within each vineyard where you find subtle, important changes. A little hotter, a little cooler, a little windier, a little more shaded--every tiny shift makes a difference in the wine. When you're talking about a growing year like 2013, when some vineyards saw hail, others saw rain, and some saw nothing at all, these shifting microclimates and subtle changes in producers' regimens add up to big differences.

2013 was a weird, wild year in Montalcino. The Brunello Consortium undervalued the vintage, awarding it just four stars, but many of the year's wines over-deliver on expectations, especially if you choose wines from painstaking producers with outstanding vineyards. Today, I'm delighted to present a new allocation of Il Poggione's shimmering, vibrant 2013 Brunello. Located in Sant'Angelo In Colle, Il Poggione rests in the shadow of Monte Amiata, which provides shelter to the estate's high altitude vineyards. Il Poggione's location was a gift to its winemakers in 2013, and today's Brunello is one of those wines that embraces its opposites, unspooling in delicious contradictions from its sweet nose to its lingering finish.

This Il Poggione Brunello is fascinatingly complex, remarkably structured, and it packs a punch at under $70--enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito