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“Perfect” 1985 Sassicaia, Vintage André Clouet, and Cult Bottles from Michel Niellon
October 5, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

In writing about a 74-year-old bottle of Vega-Sicilia Único last week, I said that to comprehend the complex nature of a vintage wine is the highest reward for a committed wine drinker. But what does this mean? To really grasp a wine with twenty, thirty, or forty years of maturity, you have to have already drunk that wine at less mature points in its development. You have to have built a relationship with that wine over time, come to know it in conversation, and, in an ideal world, drunk wines from neighboring producers so that you have a holistic idea of the region, of producer styles, of multiple vintages, and of how these wines grow and change over time.

And all of that is still true--unless the bottle of vintage wine in question is the astounding thirty-year-old bottle of Sassicaia I'm presenting today. Certainly, knowing Sassicaia well will help you understand exactly what sets this 1985 bottle of Sassicaia apart, what makes it so iconic, what draws wine writers, wine industry people, and wine collectors to it, and what makes them sing its praises in such effusive terms. But this '85 Sassicaia is a rare thing in the wine world: it's an essentially flawless bottle. It's hard to find this legendary Sassicaia vintage, but I scored a few bottles from my European sources. If you're a serious wine lover, this is the bottle to splurge on. But be warned! It's life-changing.
The '85 Sassicaia has attained nearly mythic status, so it deserves great company. I chose a 2006 André Clouet Champagne Clos de Bouzy and two 2012 bottles from Chassagne-Montrachet superstar vigneron Michel Niellon. 2006 is one of the great recent Champagne vintages, and this André Clouet bottling does the year justice. You simply can't go wrong with Michel Niellon's wines, and this pair should make Burgheads very happy.

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