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Just Added: IWM's #1 Wine from the Montalcino's “Vintage Made by God” Returns! (Just 5 Cases)

October 7, 2020

IWM's #1 Wine from the “Vintage Made by God!” Discover the Small Artisanal Neighbor to Poggio di Sotto that is Delivering Burgundian-Like Expressions. Just Added.

***********************SPECIAL ADDITION**************************

Tonight marks the return of a truly special offering. It is, in fact, our fasting selling wine from the standout vintage of 2015 in Montalcino! What is most surprising, it is not a Brunello, but rather a truly rare and unique Rosso from Stella di Campalto. Our first two tranches of this cult "Baby Brunello" SOLD OUT in 48 Hours. Thanks to a lot of pleading, IWM has just secured five more cases.


"A visit to this small cellar is a must for anyone who wants to understand the potential of Sangiovese in Montalcino, especially in regards to finesse and elegance…I would struggle to make a comparison with another producer in Montalcino. Because of their intensely aromatic and savory profiles, these wines have more in common with red Burgundies… Readers who haven't tasted these wines yet owe it to themselves to do so, as they are magnificent." - Antonio Galloni

Delizioso! You have heard us say it a thousand times - this is the one word, and best way, to sum up many of the Brunello di Montalcino from the ripe 2015 vintage. Yes, the vintage has been dubbed the “fairytale vintage” by the media and has entered the pantheon of legendary ripe years such as 1997, 2007, and even 2010. For IWM it is simple, there is an extraordinary quality of concentrated fruit in this vintage, with precise varietal characteristics, and a stunning level of balance across the region. As Andrea Mantengoli, of La Serena exclaimed to Vinous a few months back, 2015 was "A vintage made by God,” meaning the sunny vintage provided by Mother Nature had supplied everything that was needed in the vineyard to make great wine – as many did. The inviting approachability will be the perfect complement to the upcoming 2016 vintage, in which most of the wines will need more time.

And while we have highlighted many of the juicy and rich expressions from Caprili, La Serena, and Ciacci Piccolomini among others, we wanted to share another side of Montalcino from Stella di Campalto and her Podere San Giuseppe estate. These wines have more in common with the wines of her neighbor Poggio di Sotto (for the purity of fruit that Piero Palmucci captured best), and maybe Le Ragnaie, but the wines are truly in a class of their own. However, a description begins best with the quote above from Antonio Galloni. What we appreciate here is how quickly the statement captures what this historic rising star is all about. For beginners, you should know that Stella di Campalto releases her Rosso di Montalcino, and Brunello, one year later than the rest of her Montalcino counterparts – thus today’s prized RETURN of the 2015 Rosso di Montalcino.

Regardless of whether it is the Rosso or the Brunello of Stella di Campalto, these wines represent the elegant, fresh and savory side of Brunello, capturing both red and black fruit profiles without being too heavy or stereotypically masculine. There is generous fruit here, but there is truly a feminine touch, as these wines are incredibly light on their feet. Not only will these more finessed Brunellos charm fans of pure unadulterated Sangiovese, they will appeal to many Burgundy and Barolo collectors as well. The estate is, in fact, best known for its late release and its impossible-to-secure Brunello (Riserva), but their little Rosso is a collector phenomenon in and of itself. This is one of those cult-like Rosso di Montalcinos that belongs in the ranks of the difficult to find Rossos from Poggio di Sotto, Salvioni, and Biondi Santi.

FEATURED WINE(S): The Redefining Wines of Stella di Campalto Return

Producer Name / Wine Name
VintageSize PriceSpecial
Featured Wine: (6+ Bottles)
Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino2015750ml$119.99$98.99
Stella di Campalto Chomltempo Fiorello Toscana IGTNV750ml$84.99$74.99

We are asking that you forget what you think you know about Brunello, as the best tip we can provide on this early Autumn day, and from the 2015 Montalcino vintage for that matter, it now begins with the 2015 Rosso from Stella di Campalto. We have not been this excited about a Rosso expression since Sergio arrived from Italy with the Rosso di Montalcino of Piero Palmucci years back. While it is just a Baby Brunello, this remains one of our wines of "vintage and it absolutely stuns", showcasing another side of Sangiovese in this ripe and showy year. In 2015, we had to kick and holler for our mere five case allocation and we are happily sharing it with our Tuscan enthusiasts today. As Galloni mentioned, “…readers who haven't tasted these wines yet owe it to themselves to do so, as they are magnificent.”

Additional Notes and Reviews:

Stella di Campalto’s estate, originally known as Podere San Giuseppe, was founded in 1910. It fell into abandonment during WWII and had been in a state of near ruin since that time. In 1992, her family purchased the dilapidated estate and began to revitalize the property. The estate comprises approximately thirteen and a half hectares in total, with five and a half currently committed under vine. The head of the family winery is Stella di Campalto, who has overseen the winemaking and viticulture since 1992. She has practiced certified organic farming here since 1996, and in 2002 began practicing biodynamic farming as well – becoming certified in 2005. The estate lies at the very southeast corner of the Montalcino zone, outside of Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The bottling is all done by hand, and then the wines are aged for additional time in the bottle before release. Stella feels that her wines need more time in the bottle before showing optimally and is now releasing her Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino nearly one full year after most other estates. All of Stella’s vineyards (with the exception of the small slice of Vigna All’ulivo) are classified for Brunello production, making the Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino amongst the finest to be found in all of Tuscany.

2015 Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “It's been a few years since we had a chance to revisit the wines of Stella di Campalto, and for IWM, her little Rosso di Montalcino is once again mind-blowing. It simply redefines the category. In fact, we have not been this excited by a Rosso since we first tried the Rosso of Piero Palmucci. As for the 2015, right from the bottle the wine shows a savory and herbal side with succulent red fruit, a touch of blood orange rind, crushed roses, and olives. So clean, so fresh and so juicy, the expression really showcases Burgundian sensibility. But here is the real tip, let this Baby Brunello breathe and have some air-time and watch that generous red fruit fill in more warm strawberries, raspberries and macerated cherries. Layers of silkiness unfold and the nose becomes intoxicating. Enjoy over a long meal or over two days and you will rethink Rosso di Montalcino.”

Eric Guido, Vinous: “The 2015 Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino shows a beautiful translucent ruby color, with a bouquet of sweet florals and dusty spice giving way to fresh strawberries, white smoke, and hints of leather. On the palate, soft textures flesh out across the senses in a wave of pure bright cherry, lifted by a core of vibrant acidity, which energizes yet also adds sweetness to its pretty red fruits, as minerals settle in and inner floral tones develop. The finish is long yet quite feminine, resonating on ripe red fruits, sweet florals, and spice, with lingering acids which sizzle on the senses. The 2015 is an understated yet remarkably pretty vintage for the Rosso; it’s a wine that begs to be drunk, not tasted, showing all the best qualities of the vintage while maintaining perfect form. It is also worth mentioning that this was tasted within a flight of 2015 Brunellos, and it held its own.”

NV Stella di Campalto Choltempo Fiorello
Eric Guido, Vinous: Stella di Campalto's NV Choltempo Fiorello explodes from the glass with a sweet, exotic and truly seductive mix of spicy black cherry, complemented by notes of cinnamon, clove and sweet mint leaf. Soft, lifted, unexpectedly feminine textures usher in wonderfully pure red fruits, with vibrant acids and sweet minerality creating a juicy, mouthwatering expression. The finish is medium in length, understated but also very pretty and floral, with just a hint of sweet herbal tea. This kitchen-sink blend of Sangiovese (from the 2016 vintage), Tannat, Arinarnoha, Marcelan and Lagrein (various vintages) comes from a small vineyard that is more like a garden to Stella di Campalto and worth seeking out as a unique expression from this passionate producer.”

This is an email ONLY offer. Should you have any questions on these exciting wines, or would like to take advantage of this offer (that is only available until 11:59, Thursday, 10/8, or while supplies last), we are asking that you email orders back to me at, connect with your Portfolio Manager or mention receipt of this offer if calling the store. All orders are subject to confirmation.

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