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Brunello's Dream Team, Gaja's Take on Burgundy, 16 Year Old Barolo and More
October 9, 2012

Brunello's Dream Team, Gaja's Take on Burgundy, 16 Year Old Barolo and More

A Note from Sergio

When I packed up my family and moved to Italy two years ago, I did it in part because I missed the land where I was born, in part because I wanted to give my children the experience of growing up as citizens of the world, and in part because I wanted to be closer to the people who make great wine. Living here, I've been able to make connections, grow friendships, and unearth discoveries--and today's offerings exemplify how connections, friendships and discoveries are inextricable.


Today, I'm delighted to debut the wines of Renzo Seghesio, a maker of really good Barolo. You might think you've heard of Seghesio, but you're probably confusing this estate with another, either Piemonte's Aldo and Riccardo Seghesio or Sonoma's Seghesia Vineyards. Unless you've been very, very fortunate, you've likely never tasted Renzo Seghesio's rustic but elegant Barolo because these wines have never come to the States before. 


We're offering three of Renzo's Pajana Barolo, including two Gran Riserva from the mid-1990s, along with the estate's beautiful Baby Barolo, its Langhe Nebbiolo, and its complex Super-Piemontese blend.


I'd never have found Renzo were I not living in Italy, and, likewise, I'd never be able to round up our all-star six-pack of 2006 and 2007 Brunello if I didn't have friends like Franco Biondi-Santi, whose rich '06 anchors this collection.


Enjoy the fruits of my labors--I certainly do. It's my joy to bring you wines that I know will make you fall in love.


My Best,  


P.S. You can now follow me on Twitter: @Italian_Wine_SE.  
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Gaja Pieve Santa Restituta Brunello Sugarille 2007 750ml
Gaja Pieve Santa Restituta Brunello Sugarille 2007 750ml
Price: $159.00

A powerful, brooding embodiment of its benchmark vintage, this ’07 Brunello Sugarille bursts with succulent red and black fruits, smoky earth, licorice, exotic spices, and warm saddle leather. This wine balances its sheer power with its purity, rolling across the palate to a lingering, textured finish that’s studded with chewy tannins and redolent of smoky minerals. Enjoyable now with more than a decade of perfect maturity, this ripe vintage Brunello is drinking wonderfully, but its underlying structure and fine balance means it’ll drink for years, even decades, to come! This cru Brunello comes from the historic 12-acre Sugarille vineyard site that dates back to 1541 and the hands of Italy's most recognized and controversial winemaker, Angelo Gaja. Deriving from the southwestern-facing Sugarille site rich in white clay, the grapes for this cru wine ferment for a month in temperature-controlled stainless steel, and the wine ages for a year each in barriques and in botti. more info