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On the hills overlooking the Straight of Messina, the great DOC wine “il Faro” has been produced since the beginning of time--archeological discoveries prove that winemaking in Messina area was flourishing as far back as the 14th century BC. This led to a prosperous economy that continued to thrive for centuries. With the help of modern technology, the Palari winery succeeded in developing and producing a noble il Faro wine.

The vineyards lie in the Faro wine district Santo Stefano di Messina and are planted with native grapevines with names as old as the fascination they evoke: Nerello, Nocera, Cappuccio, Tignolino, Cor’e Palumba, Acitana, Galatena, and others, all of which full within the regulations for the production of the Faro DOC. The terrain is blessed with a unique microclimate due to its dramatic rise in altitude of 1,475 feet above sea level within an eight mile range. The vines grow on steep slopes, requiring that grapes be handpicked and placed into small baskets. The soft press of the grapes, the temperature controlled fermentation, the aging in French oak barrels and the refinement in temperature controlled cellars are all carefully monitored under the watchful eye of the great winemaker Donato Lanati.