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Pianpolvere Soprano

Following the purchase of old property from bankers Levi and Debenedetti, Paolo Fenocchio founded Pianpolvere Soprano (deriving the name from the gun-powder magazines built in the area during Napoleon’s time). At present, Pianpolvere Soprano is owned by Rocche dei Manzoni proprietor Valentino Migliorini, who purchased the historic estate in 1999, following the death of its previous owner, Beppe Fenocchio.

Pianpolvere, situated in the Monforte d’Alba commune of Bussia province, is regarded as one of the Langhe’s “grand crus,” a reputation most notably established by Renato Ratti. Ratti, who developed a map identifying all of the Barolo and Barbaresco crus, described Pianpolvere Soprano as a subzone displaying “remarkable characteristics.” Resting at an average elevation of 350 meters, the site is an exceptional one for Nebbiolo, given both the microclimate concerned and the soil’s capacity for water retention.

Barolo Riserva

Region: Piemonte