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Produttori del Barbaresco

At the turn of the nineteenth century, a loose collective of nine Barbaresco vineyard owners gathered together to create the first Barbaresco collective; though disbanded during the Mussolini era, in 1958 an area priest recognized that there was strength in numbers and started Produttori del Barbaresco with 19 producers. Today, the current incarnation of this collective of 56 growers represents over 250 acres in the Barbaresco district. A longtime favorite of Sergio Esposito, this collective, currently under the direction of Aldo Vacca, makes some of the finest expressions of Barbaresco that you’ve likely yet to drink. Artisanal quality, authentic traditional methods and astonishing attention to detail has landed this collective on the global wine radar--and the extraordinary values found in its wines will most certainly keep aficionados returning for more.

Dedicated to the cultivation of only Nebbiolo, the collective produces a traditional Barbaresco blended from its nine vineyard sites: Asili, Rabajà, Pora, Montestefano, Ovello, Pajé, Montefico, Moccagatta and Rio Sordo. In exceptional years, the Produttori will also release cru Riserva bottlings from these individual sites, and a Riserva cuvee Barbaresco. The collective also produces a juicy, fresh Langhe Nebbiolo, intended for enjoyment while the collective’s Barbarescos age.

Utilizing traditional protocol like 18-28-day fermentation and aging up to three years in botti and a year in bottle, the Produttori strives to craft wines that transmit each cru’s individual and extraordinary terroir. It’s easiest to break down the Produttori’s crus into four different regions based in elevation. At the lowest elevation is the southwest-facing Rio Sordo, home of rich, dense Barbaresco that highlights cherry fruit and umami. Above Rio Sordo lie Barbaresco’s most renowned slopes, the south-facing Asili, Rabajà and Pora, home to wines of great elegance, precision and longevity. Above these three vineyards Pajé and Moccagatta, vineyards that produce concentrated wines that are the intense yet finessed. And at the top of the chain of hills are Ovello, Montefico and Montestefano, which typically produce masculine, meaty, structured wines.