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Ronco del Gnemiz

This little winery is known for its long lived whites that display vibrant acidity and minerally freshness. The climate here provides ideal conditions for Tocai Friulano, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Bianco, all favorites of Ronco del Gnemiz. The various phases of production are attended to with scrupulous attention and passion by owner Serena Palazzolo and her husband and winemaker, Gabrio. With more than 15 vintages under his belt, Gabrio is well known for his winemaking skills which in many cases has surpassed his mentors.

Bianco di Jacopo
Rosso di Jacopo
Bianco San Zuan
Pinot Grigio
Chardonnay Sol
Malvasia Sol
Sauvignon Peri
Sauvignon Sol
Merlot Sol
Rosso del Gnemiz

Region: Friuli

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