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Bottling wine since 1964, Mario Schiopetto excels in his craft, producing wines—whites, in particular—that brought the northeastern region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia into the limelight of Italy's burgeoning wine scene. His inspiration has been such that his three children have joined his impassioned efforts in making this estate one of the area's, if not one of Italy's, best wineries. In the process he has established quite an impressive track record, especially considering that until about 20 years ago, most of the area’s grape growers sold off their grapes in bulk to cooperative wineries.

Fruili's eastern zones of Collio and Colli Orientali source 30 hectares of grapes for Schiopetto's wines, amounting to an approximate annual production of 230,000 bottles. Regardless the trade, true talent lies in the ability to apply finely honed skills without allowing the techniques to become apparent. As one of the founding fathers of modern winemaking in Friuli, Schiopetto is a master of the application of viticultural and oenological science. His long-standing objective has been to achieve the purest possible transformation of grape variety into wine. Until very recently, this has entailed production without the use of barriques. Then, just a few years ago, Schiopetto branched out into a line of lightly oaked wines—just for the intellectual challenge of it. While still in the process of refining his touch on this new style, these wines brim with all the class characteristic of the Schiopetto estate.

Blanc des Rosis
Pinot Bianco
Pinot Grigio
Tocai Friulano
Podere dei Blumeri Rosso
Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

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