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Movia Ribolla 2007
Movia Ribolla 2007 750ml
Price: $39.99
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Although this aromatic, robust, and late-ripening varietal is obscured by both Pinot Grigio and Tocai, the preferred grapes of the international and local scenes, respectively, it enjoys flattering representation in the work of Friuli’s iconoclastic producers. Known as Rebula in Slovenia and Robola in Greece, Ribolla wines are generally dry and buttery, possessing good acidity in their youth. However, age moderates this grape’s juvenile vivacity and many age well, developing a mature richness. more info
Movia Veliko Bianco 1997 1.5L
Movia Veliko Bianco 1997 1.5L
Price: $119.99
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The deep gold color of the Veliko Bianco alerts you to its richness, and its creamy, complex palate complements its hue; it’s an unusual, wonderful wine that’s perfect to pour at dinner parties. A delicious, round wine with structure for years, stunning aromatics, and a gorgeous acidity, the ‘97 Veliko Bianco from Slovenia’s Movia is a biodynamically grown blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Ribolla. Fermented in a cask buried underground in for over a year, the ’97 Veliko possesses a seductive oxidation; its creamy palate is redolent of peach pie à la mode, nutmeg and marzipan. The perfect bottle for enthusiasts of biodynamic wines, the Veliko Bianco blends freshness with maturity in one unforgettable experience. more info