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Antinori’s Delicious, Bighearted Way with Aglianico
September 24, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Most people--even those who really know and love Italian wine--don't think "Puglia" when they walk into a wine store. Antinori is trying to change that. About two decades ago, the Antinori family bought vineyards in Puglia, founded its Tormaresca estate, and started making wines from indigenous grapes, as well as some international varietals. As you'd expect from drinking Antinori's other wines, its Tormaresca bottlings are delicious. Two Saturdays ago, Vito Palumbo, Tormaresca's brand ambassador, led a tasting here at IWM. Unlike most brand ambassadors, who come from anywhere, Vito grew up on the lands that became Tormaresca, so he knows the climate, the light, the breezes, the dirt, the grapes and the wine.

"It's known as the 'California of the South,'" Vito says of Puglia, "because you have more than 500 miles of coastline, so the climate is close to California's." This climate, which is sunny and dry, means ripe grapes, but the region's sea breezes and volcanic soils also keep the grapes fresh. Puglia's climate makes a beautiful marriage of rich fruits and electric acidity, and Tormaresca's wines are affordable, tasty, and undiscovered gems. I've often said that the Antinori family's wines are ideal "bridge" wines, bottles that span the gap between soft, fruit-forward "international" styles of wine and the more linear, acidic traditional style of Italian wine. Tormaresca's wines are perfect if you love both wilder California wines and food-friendly Italian wines--or if you want to make converts of California-wine-loving friends.

Today, I'm excited to present a two vintages of Tormaresca's Bocca di Lupo, a mono-varietal Aglianico wine. Usually Aglianico wines need a lot of time in the cellar before you can really enjoy them. Not these Tormaresca bottlings. The exuberant 2012 was a hit at the tasting that Vito hosted, but I think you'll love the more elegant 2014 too. They're deeply enjoyable, thoroughly Italian wines that punch far above their $55 price point, and, if you're anything like the people who came to IWM's Tormaresca event, you're going to love them!


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito