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Seventeen Nebbiolo Gems Under $100!
September 25, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Barolo and Barbaresco are perhaps two of the best-known Italian wines, recognized around the world by collectors, enthusiasts, and even people with minor knowledge of wine culture. Because of them, Piemonte has seen the meteoric rise of rock star producers over the years; major players like Aldo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa, and Domenico Clerico, to name a few, have become personalities in their own right. Piemonte--that lush patchwork of green and gold hills, blanketed with vines, without an inch to spare--is no longer the simple farm country it was fifty years ago. Now, it's a destination, and even in the dead of winter you'll find a half-dozen tour buses parked on the skinny cobblestone streets.

Since I got into the wine business almost three decades ago, Piemonte's fame has exploded, and this has been matched by an explosion of the cost of the region's wines, especially its Barolo and Barbaresco. Some of these collector Nebbiolo wines are, I think, very much worth their price, but even when these high-priced wines justify their cost, their low availability and high intensity mean you can't drink them as much as you want to. And, let's face it, people shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a really good Nebbiolo.

Today, I'm delighted to offer seventeen Piemonte Nebbiolo wines, and none of them cost more than $100 a bottle. Indeed, most are priced in the $60 range, and this list includes Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo d'Alba from producers like Conterno, Giacosa, and Clerico--it's pretty impressive, if I must say so myself. Aside from those marquee names you'll also find wines from up-and-comers like the Antinori family's Prunotto or Giovanni Rosso, as well as from small, family-run estates like Ada Nada, San Giuliano and Scarzello. It's a terrific time to indulge your love of Nebbiolo, to explore new winemakers, or simply to broaden your cellar with wines you can drink now, soon, and years down the road. Fame is nice, but good taste is better, and this Nebbiolo list lets you indulge your good taste with great, affordable wines.


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Sergio Esposito