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Dal Forno 2011 Duo Debut! The Prince’s White Diamond! And Paolo Bea’s Amber Beauty!
September 26, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Wine-lovers often divide themselves into camps: the diehard Mascarello fans, the Biondi-Santi obsessives, those who worship at the altar of Valentini. People who passionately love Giacosa Barbaresco may not "get" Masseto. Others adore Masseto, but they're puzzled by Gravner. All of these winemakers are world-class, but pour a bottle from any one of them for a group of ten die-hard wine lovers and it's likely that only five will love it. That's because few people are able to appreciate quality when it doesn't jibe with their sensibility.

Romano dal Forno is a rare winemaker who makes unarguably, obviously fine wine, no matter what your taste. You can give a glass of Dal Forno Amarone to a beer drinker who's never tasted wine in his life or a connoisseur who's tasted nearly every wine in the world. They'll both love it. Dal Forno's Amarone is a unique product. All of the elements of the wine--its depth, breeding, character, acidity, richness--hit your senses at the exact right moment. For this reason, it consistently garners rave reviews and shows up at tastings around the world.

Today, I'm very proud to debut a pair of stunners from Dal Forno, the estate's high performing, electric 2011 Valpolicella Superiore and its brooding, powerful and nuanced 2011 Amarone della Valpolicella. All I can say is that if you love wine, you owe it to your palate to drink these Dal Forno bottlings--they're spectacular. Along with these two unabashed, sexy reds from Italy's North, I'm delighted to present a pair of indescribable amber wines from central Italy: Fiorano 1992 No. 26 Bianco, a rare aged Malvasia with a kaleidoscopic palate, and Paolo Bea 2011 Arboreus Umbria Bianco, a luminous, surprising white that drinks like a red. It's a breathtaking range of wines, no matter your taste!


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Dal Forno's 2011 Lush Amarone and Valpolicella Releases
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Singular White Diamond from the Prince of Venosa
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Paolo Bea's White That Drinks Like a Red!
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Sergio Esposito
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Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1992 750ml
Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1992 750ml
Price: $124.00

A gorgeous amber in the glass, this ’92 Fiorano Bianco layers its rich stone and tropical fruits with citrus zest, crushed river rocks, butterscotch, fresh-cut herbs and honey, all conveyed in a luscious, viscous body that’s nonetheless vibrant. While this complex wine displays slight oxidation, it thrums with acidity, giving it a rare balance of maturity and freshness. This mature white wine defies what we think we know about Italian whites, offering a tremendous drinking experience for wine connoisseurs; despite three decades of maturity, this powerful, stable white opens with hours of aeration to show a kaleidoscopic palate. Fiorano Bianco, crafted from organically grown Malvasia di Candia, is an unusual, rare white that stands the test of time and offers a picture of meticulous, organic winemaking as it was practiced decades ago. more info