September 29, 2016

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Soldera Retrospective, 1978-1996, Gravner’s “Holy Grail,” and Stellar Faiveley Corton-Charlemagne
September 29, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Gianfranco Soldera has long been misunderstood, and that's the way he likes it. He never wanted to make wine that everyone would love; he's totally fine making wines for the few. Soldera's basic tenet for his winemaking is this: "A great wine is long lived: it must improve, at least in the first twenty years, and give different sensations as time passes." Many people plunge into a Soldera Brunello upon release and find it austere, off-putting, and inscrutable. A Soldera Brunello needs luxurious time, and the people who love his wines--really, really love them--understand that. The best way to say it is this: Soldera makes wine for people with patience.

This week I've offered a series of extraordinary wines, so I needed to finish with an exceptional offer. I've managed to secure a selection of Soldera's mystical Brunelli, spanning vintages from 1978 to 1996. This list gives IWM clients the rare chance to drink a mature Soldera immediately--or to let it cellar. Some of my favorite Soldera wines are on this list--the sensational '93, the mercurial '94, the historic '78, and the controversial and outstanding '96. Ever since Gianfranco lost the contents of six vintages to vandalism, it has become harder and harder to find his vintage wines. This offer lets you drink Gianfranco's Brunelli the way he does: with perfect maturity and terrific patience.

Along with these dozen Soldera Brunelli, I'm very pleased to offer wine from another uncompromising iconoclast, Josko Gravner. As much a philosopher as a winemaker, Josko approaches his craft with a thoughtful reverence, and you can taste care and mysticism in his indescribable amber wines. 2006 was warm year, and Josko's Ribolla Gialla offered in magnum below is extraordinary--textured like velvet and layered with savory minerals, it's outstanding. It's even better from magnum. If you've never had Josko's amber wines before, it can feel like a leap into the unimaginable, but let me tell you that these wines are pure heaven.

Finally, Burgundy lovers don't want to overlook Domaine Faieveley's 2012 Corton-Charlemagne--enjoy!

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Gianfranco Soldera Brunello, from 1978 to 1996
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My Best,

Sergio Esposito