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Sandrone’s Breathtaking ’14 Barolo Debuts! Vintage Quintarelli! And Under $30 Sassicaia Sibling!
September 6, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Called the "King of Wines and the Wine of Kings," Barolo has this distinctly masculine personality. But there's a major shift in the Barolo making. The wine's old masters are getting even older, and they're ceding control not to their sons, but to their daughters. Barolo is, in short, undergoing a female revolution. When Barolo legend Bartolo Mascarello passed away, he left his legacy to his daughter Maria Teresa. Angelo Gaja's heir is his aptly named daughter Gaia. And, sadly, with this week's passing of Giuseppe Rinaldi, Beppe's daughter Carlotta has assumed the winemaking duties in her father's cantina (his daughter Marta serves as estate manager). Barolo has always been a boys' game, but the playing field is beginning to look very different, for the estates.

The estates that I've named aren't lesser known entities--they're the Barolo old guard, and soon all will be run by women. Barbara Sandrone, who is taking over from her father, the famed Luciano Sandrone, is another of these outstanding women winemakers. Today, I'm very proud to debut a pair of 2014 Barolo wines made by Barbara, with a little guidance from her father, Luciano: the estate's graceful '14 Barolo Le Vigne and its burly '14 Barolo Aleste. These two wines show two sides of the difficult 2014 vintage, and they are both outstanding testaments to Barbara's abilities, Luciano's dedication, and the estate's terroir. If you want to hear the inside scoop on how Barbara came to make them, I invite you to join IWM's winemaker event on Friday, September 28. We'll be hosting Barbara for dinner, and it'll be magical.

Along with these two Barolo debuts, I'm very pleased to bring you a pair of recent releases from Tenuta San Guido, the estate's entry-level Le Difese from 2015 and 2015. People who love Sassicaia will want to jump on these two Le Difese bottlings. They're not only harbingers of the beauty to come from their respective vintages-these two Le Difese bottlings are delicious and compelling on their own terms. And they're under $30 a bottle! Finally, to complement all these new wines, I'm delighted to present an old one: Giuseppi Quintarelli's peerless 1971 Amarone Riserva. You can't get much better than this!


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence: New Luciano Sandrone '14 Barolo Duo
2. Only At IWM: Perfect, Pristine 1971 Quintarelli Amarone Riserva
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Tenuta San Guido's Compelling Le Difese Recent Releases!
4. Wine Events: Upcoming September Wine Tasting Events

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Sergio Esposito
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Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne 2014 750ml
Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne 2014 750ml
Price: $149.00

2014 challenged Barolo makers, but you’d never know it from this effortless, graceful ’14 Barolo Le Vigne. Luscious red and blue fruits layer with warm loam, violet petals, mentholated herbs, cedar and a dusting of baking spices. Nicely textured and altogether lovely, this wine glides to a balanced, seamless finish marked by fine-grained tannins. Sandrone crafts its Le Vigne as a traditional cuvee Barolo, choosing grapes from the vineyards of Ceretta (Monforte), Vignane (Barolo), Merli (Novello), Conterni (Barolo), and Villero (Castiglione Falletto). The grapes ferment separately in steel tanks for just longer than two weeks, and the wine ages in 500-liter oak casks, one-quarter new, for two years before blending and bottling. Sandrone crafts fewer than 2,000 cases of this spellbinding Barolo a year. more info
Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva 1971 750ml
Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva 1971 750ml
Price: $1,599.00

Raisened red and blue fruits layer with melted chocolate, Christmas cake, tarry earth, medicinal herbs, black tea, and warm saddle leather in this wonderfully mature Amarone Riserva. Dense, seamless and lively, this ’71 Amarone Riserva is a treat for lovers of mature wines and fans of Quintarelli; tertiary notes and silky, integrated tannins show the wine’s age, yet it retains that telltale Quintarelli power and complexity. While Quintarelli produces its Amarone only in exceptional vintages, the estate restricts its Amarone Riserva to very great vintages; this decades-old wine now sits in the center of its drinking window. This collector Amarone Riserva is a proprietary blend of indigenous Corvina with Rondinella and traces of Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Sangiovese. more info