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De Conciliis Golden Fiano, Great Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin, and Redigaffi in Magnum!
September 9, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

While I’ve been living in northern Italy for the past few years, and in New York for decades before that, Campania will always be my home. You don’t ever really leave the place that you spent your childhood, and that was Campania for me. Because of this attachment, I have a special love for Campanian wines--the wild, powerful reds from Galardi or Silvia Imperato, the mineral-crusted gems of Raffaele Palma, and the jazz-influenced beauties of Bruno De Conciliis. They smell and taste like a goblet full of home.

Today, I’m very pleased to bring back a client favorite, the De Conciliis Donnaluna Fiano 2012, a gorgeous, textured white that’s hard to describe. It’s acidic and dripping with fruit, but it’s also slightly salty; it’s got this caramel mouth-feel in a body that’s completely dry; it’s a beautiful wine and something that could only come from Campania, the place I’ll always call home. 

Along with this Fiano favorite--we’ve brought it back twice because people won’t stop asking for it--I’m very pleased to offer two more: the exceptional 2011 Tua Rita Redigaffi in magnum, which you can’t get anywhere else, and the 2011 Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin Vieille Vignes, a beautiful, classic, and textured Pinot Noir. These are both wines that will make aficionados gleeful, but they’ll also bring joy to people who don’t already know and love wine. We can’t keep any of these wines in stock for long; people just love them too much not to pour them for friends and family.




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4. Only At IWM: 2011 Tua Rita Redigaffi--In Magnum!
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Sergio Esposito