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Silvia Imparato

What started out as a hobby for famed photographer Silvia Imparato ended up inciting a revolution. Imperato had little idea that her tiny four-acre estate and her one wine would become a cult sensation, turning the eyes of the wine world to overlooked Campania. Located on the volcanic slopes in Campania, Montevetrano planted its first vines in 1985, made its first bottles of wine for friends in 1991 and, soon after, rose to prominence, finding itself competing with great Campanian estates Feudi di San Gregorio, Mastroberardino, and Vestini Campagnano. Like the other cult wine of Campania, Galardi, Montevetrano produces only one wine, and it is an age-worthy beauty, a darling of wine critics and wine-lovers alike.

A blend of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon mixed with Merlot, Montevetrano is a wine that stands up to its hype--and its low price point relative to its lifespan makes it an intensely good value (as well as intensely good). Showing great consistency vintage to vintage, Montevetrano delivers a brooding yet juicy profile marked by concentrated flavors of blueberry and black raspberry, as well as striking purity. Despite its rich character, it’s elegant on the palate, providing beautifully integrated tannin, acidity, and oak, and earning its moniker the “Sassicaia of the South.”

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Imparato Montevetrano 2008
Imparato Montevetrano 2008 750ml
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The wine that began the cult of Campania, this vintage of Montevetrano shows why it inspires such passion. Elegant, pure, and impassioned, the ’08 holds the fierce, compelling beauty of a young Monica Bellucci—all sinuous lines, tempting curves and disarming intelligence. Chocolate-covered cherries, frutti di bosco, grilled herbs, and a brush of vanilla all meld on the palate and the nose in this sensuous wine. It’s an absolute beauty, a classic, and it’ll only get more exciting as it ages. Cellar for a half-decade and drink for two. more info