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Marjan Simcic

Marjan Simcic, an estate that straddles the border between Slovenia's Brda and Italy's Friuli, offers a fine complement to one of IWM HK's most beloved producers, Movia. While the biodynamic Movia makes wild, energetic wines, the wines made by Marjan Simcic show clean, classic lines and powerful personalities. Simcic's wines speak just as articulately of their fascinating terroir as those from Movia, but they do it while hewing closer to convention; however, they’re so intense, complex and powerful, Simcic’s wines will test your preconception about wines from Italy’s North. Marjan is a fifth-generation winemaker and he cultivates his grapes organically, believing that this choice isn't just better for the environment, but it also imbues his wines with his interesting microclimate. He further preserves this choice by employing stainless steel tanks for vinification, which he follows with barriques, and the result is breathtakingly pure expressions in his three lines of wines.

Pinot Grigio
Ribolla Opoka
Sauvignon Blanc Opoka
Chardonnay Opoka
Merlot Opoka
Ribolla Selekcija

Sauvignon Blanc Selekcija
Chardnonnay Selekcija
Pinot Noir Selekcija
Teodor Belo Selekcija
Teodor Rdece Selekcija


Region: Friuli, Brda


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Marjan Simcic Merlot Opoka 2006 750ml
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Marjan Simcic Merlot Opoka 2006 750ml