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As one of the founding fathers of Brunello di Montalcino, Pierluigi Talenti’s wines have resisted the trend of new wood and jammy extraction. Instead, they privilege great complexity over super extraction and terrific finesse over impact. Now under the hands of Riccardo Talenti, the estate has taken on some modernization that has improved the wines without upsetting the family style. The Pian di Conte estate has a wonderful site about 400 meters above sea level opposite the village of Sant'Angelo in Colle. Its vines, head-trained, face south-southwest and yield about a kilogramme and a half per plant. Thanks to this extremely low yield the Talenti label produces excellent wines with stunning regularity.

Since establishing his estate in 1980, Montalcino’s Piero Talenti has strived to craft Brunello that is approachable in its youth. But more than that, year in and year out, Talenti has shown the ability to deliver a dense wine that doesn’t require the extensive aging, but which will stand the test of time. While not a staunch traditionalist, Talenti resisted the trend of making international wines. Instead, Talenti’s wines demonstrate great complexity and finesse, rather than simple impact.

Now in the hands of Riccardo Talenti, the estate has undergone some modernization to improved production without sacrificing the Talenti house style and its impeccable balance between structure and concentration.