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Edoardo Valentini

Abruzzo’s Edoardo Valentini was known locally as the “Lord of the Vines.” This resolute old-timer disregarded all modern conventions and wrapped his operations in a shroud of mystery, carefully guarding his production techniques. Valentini died in April 2006 at the age of 72, and his son Francesco continues to produce the family wines to the same exacting standards that were set by his father. Valentini's wines display a startlingly natural character; their individual quirks only enhance their profound charm. Taking years to develop their full profile, the wines often need plenty of aeration to blow off the occasional hint of reduction. This all falls perfectly in step with one of Valentini's favorite lines, “Natura non facit saltus,” or “Nature doesn't leap." The estate’s artisanal craftsmanship relies on selecting the ripest fruit, less than 10% of the total crop, and limiting its production to approximately 50,000 bottles.