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Vie di Romans

In addition to Jermann, Kante, Lis Neris and Movia, this is one of Friuli's most critically acclaimed estates. Gianfranco Gallo is the leader of this winery, taking over the helm from his father in the late seventies when he was still a teenager. His wish was to see the family name on the label, however, the California giant forced him to change the name.

While well recognized for his Super Whites, Gallo's triumph is his Sauvignons, producing two in different styles. The 'Piere' is unoaked with a clean floral characteristic to it, while the 'Vieris' offers a more creamy texture from the use of subtle oak. This is a great example of why there is no reason to leave Italy and visit New Zealand or the Loire Valley for great Sauvignon Blanc. Gallo also produces the floral and aromatic white blend of malvasia, chardonnay, and riesling vinified in stainless steel which undergos cryo-maceration, as well as an unoaked chardonnay called 'Ciampagnis Vieris' and the barrel-fermented Vie di Romans.

Despite Isonzo being a flat land area, uncharaterisitic of top quality wines in Italy, the topsoil is alluvial marl rich in ferrous and aluminium oxide while the pebbles below provide for excellent drainage.

Flors di Uis
Ciampagnis Vieris
Romans Sauvignon Vieris
Sauvignon Piere
Region: Friuli

Friuli Isonzo