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Villa Sparina

In the heart of the Gavi district stands the stunning Villa Sparina estate, dually serving as a world-class winery and a Relais & Chateaux property. Beppe Caviola leads the way in the winery, exploring the full potential of the Cortese grape in his Gavi wines. Federico Curtaz, formerly of Gaja, oversees the vineyards with excruciating attention to detail. The pay-off is immediately evident: all wines are sourced from single vineyards and the harvest is delayed as long as possible, allowing the grapes to gather maximum concentration while maintaining their acidic balance.

Gavi di Gavi
Gavi Monterotondo
Rosso Rivalta
Barbera Sampo
Dolcetto Bric Maioli
Dolcetto d'Giusep
Region: Piemonte

Gavi di Gavi
Dolcetto d'Acqui