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­­­­­Cellar Building

Design and Build a Wine Cellar:
Whether you are an enthusiast looking to construct a 500-bottle cellar in a small New York City apartment, or an established collector seeking to expand to a 5,000-bottle cellar in the New Jersey suburbs, IWM can provide expert direction and work to help facilitate the process. For more than a decade, IWM has consulted with cellar builders, refrigeration suppliers and contractors, enabling us to observe and participate in all phases of the process – from the first AutoCAD drawings to the implementation of our cellar-tracking software. For more information, or to get started, please contact us at (212) 473-2323 x159.

IWM’s partners with several cellar builders. All have done an exceptional work for numerous wine collectors and enthusiasts. They design and install custom, wine cellar cooling units as well as custom wine racks for both commercial and residential use. Because of their level of professionalism and care in each project they do, big or small, IWM is confident in its partners capabilities. Should you be interested in learning more about these services please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Wine Storage

IWM sometimes recommends vendors based upon our past experience with them as well as the quality of their product.
Western Carriers located in North Bergen, New Jersey, is such a vendor. They provide excellent wine storage services and protect valuable wines from degradation and harm. We hope, should you require off-site cellaring of your fine wines, that your experience with Western Carriers is as phenomenal as ours has been.

Nest Egg Wine Collections, a subsidiary of Western Carriers, serves the growing, private collector storage market. We love fine wine, and many of us have become collectors over the years, just like you. So we understand that your collection is irreplaceable. Our business is to protect and preserve your wine collection. We are not merchants and therefore can provide storage services to you without a conflict of interest.


Security, accessibility, and consistent climate-controlled conditions all year round – these are the paramount concerns for wine collectors.  When your wine is in our care, you can have true peace of mind, thanks to Nest Egg’s hi-tech inventory control systems and our state-of-the-art approach to climate management, complete with onsite backup generator.  Moreover, with round-the-clock web-accessed inventories, we can provide a unique package of expert services, including not just bottle picking and individual bottle identification within mixed cartons but also a fully temperature-controlled transportation service.  


Collectively, our staff has over 100 years’ experience handling the most valuable and irreplaceable collections in the world. Whether your collection is 5 cases, 15,000 cases or any amount in between, we hope that you will entrust your collection to us.  


Our secure, climate-controlled storage facility is located in Northern New Jersey, conveniently located to NYC and just minutes off of Routes 46, I80 and I95.  


Contact Joel Rubins at 800-631-7776 x7243201-739-8906 or by email at for more information.