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Portfolio Management

In Europe, the most trusted source for fine wines is the traditional Specialty Merchant. At IWM, we continue this tradition through our Portfolio Management services.

Italy produces more wine than any other country in the world. Part of what sets IWM apart from other retailers and brokers is not what it carries, but rather what it does not carry. Sergio and IWM eliminate the river of mediocre wine flowing from Italian cellars (roughly 95% of overall production) and carries only the top 5% in terms of quality. Through this meticulous selection, IWM helps clients to create and manage a balance of Cult Wines and "Undiscovered" Producers, together, with the classics.

Each of IWM's Portfolio Managers works directly with our clients to establish short- and long-term goals for collecting and cellaring, and to determine their objectives in terms of palate and cost. Portfolio Managers also introduce clients to a wide variety of styles and types of wine from different regions of Italy, in order to help the client expand their general knowledge of Italian wine.

Like a financial analyst or trusted stockbroker, an IWM Portfolio Manager develops a profile for every customer based on discussions and a purchase overview. IWM believes that a balanced portfolio should include:

• everyday wines (ready to drink now)
• wines to lay down (collectible bottling, for cellaring)
• wines to impress (wines for entertaining)

IWM believes in "hands-on" Portfolio Management, rather than the passive sales approach adopted by many wine shops in the U.S. The more information the client is exposed to, the better informed their choices and strategies will be, especially in regards to the purchasing and collecting of Italian wines. IWM Portfolio Managers maintain customer histories and notify their clients when favorite, new or exclusive arrivals are expected.

For the collector, IWM extends this hands-on approach to our Cellar Management program. A Portfolio Manager will analyze the wine collection and develop personalized buying strategies for non-Italian wines with the same painstaking attention to quality, rarity and provenance.

Every customer at IWM is guaranteed hands-on, proactive personalized attention from a Portfolio Manager, including a free consultation. Services are tailored to meet the client's needs and objectives, whatever they may be—from the wine lover who is just beginning an exploration of Italian wines, to the experienced collector with a well-established cellar.

Our Portfolio Managers are well-versed in Italian wines and the process of collecting fine wines; they will be able to share their extensive wine knowledge in the following areas:

* Promising Wine Futures
* World-Class Producers in International and Traditional Styles
* Cult Wines
* "Undiscovered" Producers
* Vintage Characteristics
* Regions and the Official Classification System
* Assuring Quality for All Purchases
* Service and Storage of Wines

Italy boasts an extensive list of wines with varying characteristics, from thousands of producers, in a vast range of price points. Our Portfolio Managers will assess any purchasing objectives (listed above) and determine which wines best suit their client's needs. Once a relationship is formed our Portfolio Managers will recommend the best buying strategy.

Get Started with Italian Wine Merchants.

Please feel free to call Will Di Nunzio at 212.473.2323 x 136, or email for a free wine consultation. Will and his team will explain which Italian wines represent the best investment potential, as well as aiding in the search for everyone's favorite wines.