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Discover the Old World feel of the Italian Wine Merchants showroom, Studio del Gusto, and Vintage Room. IWM offers an unparalleled experience in tasting events. Hand-picked wine selections and a menu inspired by IWM's Culinary Team showcases Italian warmth in the most exceptional of spaces.
Public Wine Tastings / Experiences Private Events: Vintage Tasting Room
Give your Saturday a whole new spin by treating your palate well. IWM’s Saturday tastings present a different region or style each week, enabling participants to work their way through the Boot over time. Make a standing date for these new sessions and embark on a continuing education that never ends.
For an intimate and informative event IWM offers tastings for 2-10 people in our Vintage Room. An in-house sommelier will guide you and your guests through a customized selection of wines.
Private Events: Studio del Gusto Private At-Home Wine Tastings
This elegant setting can accommodate up to 120 guests for private tastings. A true enoteca, the Studio del Gusto allows you to share in the rich heritage of Italy as the wine selections unfold throughout the evening. Plan a walk-around tasting where guests can mingle during the event or opt for a formal, seated dinner.
Enoteca A Casa Tua—our way of saying "IWM brings it home”—is the guiding inspiration behind our private wine events. In other words, we bring our signature tastings to you—recreating the authentic IWM onsite experience in the context of your home environment.
Private Off-Site Wine Tastings
IWM can deliver the lifestyle of Italian wine to your doorstep with our customized off-site tastings. We work with clients to design appropriate wine lists to serve in homes, offices, or other special event locations. In-house sommeliers present the wines while food prepared by IWM chefs is served to complement the tastings.
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Italy Meets France
Italy Meets France @ $119.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Saturday, January 19, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit Down Tasting

It's not a soccer match. It's an opportunity for you to compare the wines of France and Italy side by side, the makings of an entirely delightful Saturday afternoon. In this Studio del Gusto tasting, we'll be matching wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux and beyond with Italian Super Tuscans, Chardonnays and more. Our own Michael Adler will pair wines from some of our favorite producers and present you with an unparalleled opportunity to compare and contrast the wines of the world's two greatest winemaking countries. Spending a Saturday sipping wines from iconic and emblematic producers, nibbling on French and Italian cheeses and meats, you'll see that the clear winner is you!

Wines of Northern Italy
Wines of Northern Italy @ $119.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit Down Tasting

Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Appassimento, and more--the wines and the winemaking techniques of northern Italy look and sound exotic. Join us for the Wines of Northern Italy, a tour of most emblematic, delicious, and outrageous expressions from Italy's North. We'll be pouring wines from Valpolicella, Vallee d'Aosta, Friuli and more, and our knowledgeable sommelier will guide you in understanding the panorama of northern Italy's terroir, traditions, and grapes. Accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, this sit-down tasting offers aficionados or Italian wine newbies the most delicious education in authentic wine that you can get outside of Italy. Toe to tip, IWM is where Italian wine lovers come for fine Italian wine.

Talenti Winemaker Dinner
Talenti Winemaker Dinner @ $209.00
Early Bird Price: $189.00
Price Including Tax: $205.77

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 7-10pm
A Sit-Down Dinner Tasting

Established by one of the founding fathers of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium, Talenti's Pian di Conte estate makes wines that privilege complexity over extraction and finesse over fruit-forwardness. We’re excited to co-host a special winemaker dinner with one of our favorite Brunello makers, Riccardo Talenti, who now runs his father's estate. Featuring multiple vintages of Talenti Brunello, Brunello Riserva and other surprise wines, this five-course dinner will give wine-lovers an intimate look at one of Montalcino’s most important estates, offer you an unmatched insight into Brunello history, and deepen your love of Sangiovese Grosso wines. IWM’s own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff will create an array of mouth-watering dishes that will serve as ideal complements to Talenti’s finessed, robust and elegant wines. A rare opportunity to converse with a winemaker as you sip his wines, this special Talenti winemaker dinner is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Join us for our Talenti winemaker dinner, and kick off 2019 in pure, delicious Italian style.

Treasures of Toscana
Treasures of Toscana @ $129.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Saturday, February 2, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit Down Tasting

Home to Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and Super-Tuscan wines, Toscana is a wine-lovers dream. IWM invites you to celebrate this beloved Italian wine region with a handpicked list of exceptional Tuscan wines, both known and unknown, famous and infamous, familiar and strange. Let a knowledgeable IWM sommelier take you on a tour of Toscana with an insider's view as you explore Tuscany's many splendored reds, piquant whites, and surprising sparklers. Learn to tell your Sangiovese Grosso from your Sangiovese and your Vermentino from your Trebbiano, come to understand why Toscana is so hospitable to "international" grapes, and study what makes Super Tuscans so special, all while tasting a range of Vini Toscani. From mineral-laden whites to lithe light reds to burly big rosso wines, this tasting, accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, will add to your wine education, deepen your passion for Italian wines, and let you experience Toscana without the plane fare. It's the next best thing to seeing Michelangelo's David in person!

Pearls of Piemonte
Pearls of Piemonte @ $129.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit Down Tasting

When wine-lovers think "Piemonte," Barolo is the first thing that comes to mind, quickly followed by Barbaresco. But those two wines, as great as they are, are only the visible tip of Piemonte's treasures. Join us for this special sit-down tasting, accompanied by meats and cheeses, and drink deeply of the traditions, terroir and tastes of Piemonte, Italy's most collectable wine region. Of course, we'll be pouring Barolos and Barbarescos, but we'll also explore Piemonte's lesser-known gems like Barbera, the region's whites and even other surprises from IWM's cellars. An ideal event both for people new to Piemonte's exceptional wines and for those who already love its wines, this tasting of Piemonte's gems will enrich any wine-lover's body of knowledge. Let IWM take you deep into the heart of Piemonte, and let yourself fall in love all over again!

Perfect Pairings: Valentine's Dinner
Perfect Pairings: Valentine's Dinner @ $219.00
Early Bird Price: $199.00
Price Including Tax: $216.66

Thursday, February 14, 2019, 7-10pm
A Sit-Down Dinner Tasting

Valetine's Day is the one holiday devoted to couples, and IWM wants to spend it with you! Our Perfect Pairings dinner event celebrates everything that goes beautifully together. Our own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff will craft delicious dishes that will be coupled with beautiful Champagne, beloved Burgundies, lovely Italian whites, and rich Italian reds, creating memorable pairings that are perfect matches. Join IWM's knowledgeable sommelier at this special sit-down dinner to experience for yourself how everything has its mate; dine on delicious antipasti, terrific pasta, and decadent sweets, and enjoy wines from legendary makers, all while choosing your ideal dinner combination! IWM loves Valentine's Day, and we want to celebrate it with a dinner of perfect pairings, an event made even more complete with you!

Domenico Clerico Winemaker Lunch
Domenico Clerico Winemaker Lunch @ $179.00
Early Bird Price: $149.00
Price Including Tax: $162.22

Saturday, February 23, 2019, 1-4pm
A Sit Down Lunch Tasting

One of the renegade band of winemakers known as the "Barolo Boys," Domenico Clerico started his career as a progressive winemaker, breaking from traditional Barolo protocol to follow his muse in making terroir-driven, long-aging yet approachable Barolo wines. Clerico, who passed away in 2017, never quit changing, never ceased tinkering with his wines, and never stopped surprising his fans with his wines' ever-evolving, captivating palates. These days, the Clerico estate is helmed by his wife, Giuliana, and his protégé, Oscar Arrivabene, a talented, trained enologist. IWM invites you to our very special Domenico Clerico Winemaker Lunch, cohosted by IWM President Will Di Nunzio and Oscar Arrivabene, the estate's winemaker. Dine on handcrafted meals from IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli, drink Clerico's world-famous wines, and learn about the past--and the future--of this groundbreaking Barolo estate!