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Discover the Old World feel of the Italian Wine Merchants showroom, Studio del Gusto, and Vintage Room. IWM offers an unparalleled experience in tasting events. Hand-picked wine selections and a menu inspired by IWM's Culinary Team showcases Italian warmth in the most exceptional of spaces.
Public Wine Tastings / Experiences Private Events: Vintage Tasting Room
Give your Saturday a whole new spin by treating your palate well. IWM’s Saturday tastings present a different region or style each week, enabling participants to work their way through the Boot over time. Make a standing date for these new sessions and embark on a continuing education that never ends.
For an intimate and informative event IWM offers tastings for 2-10 people in our Vintage Room. An in-house sommelier will guide you and your guests through a customized selection of wines.
Private Events: Studio del Gusto Private At-Home Wine Tastings
This elegant setting can accommodate up to 120 guests for private tastings. A true enoteca, the Studio del Gusto allows you to share in the rich heritage of Italy as the wine selections unfold throughout the evening. Plan a walk-around tasting where guests can mingle during the event or opt for a formal, seated dinner.
Enoteca A Casa Tua—our way of saying "IWM brings it home”—is the guiding inspiration behind our private wine events. In other words, we bring our signature tastings to you—recreating the authentic IWM onsite experience in the context of your home environment.
Private Off-Site Wine Tastings
IWM can deliver the lifestyle of Italian wine to your doorstep with our customized off-site tastings. We work with clients to design appropriate wine lists to serve in homes, offices, or other special event locations. In-house sommeliers present the wines while food prepared by IWM chefs is served to complement the tastings.
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Back to School: ABC's of Italian Wine
Back to School: ABC's of Italian Wine @ $89.00
Early Bird Price: $79.00
Price Including Tax: $86.01

Saturday, August 24, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit-Down Tasting

Italian wine can be confusing. Italy's 2,000 indigenous grapes, thousands of years of winemaking history, and hard-to-pronounce wine names can make Italian wine feel intimidating--but it doesn't need to be. IWM wants to help you learn Italian wine's basics by drinking its ABC's: Amarone, Brunello, Barolo and Chianti Classico (along with surprise bottles that will thrill your palate, regardless of whether you're an Italian wine newbie or a seasoned collector). Featuring delicious, easy-to-love Italian bottles, this tasting, led by IWM knowledgeable sommeliers and accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, will help you walk away with a greater appreciation of Italy's vino. Come and taste Italy, all without leaving the comfort and beauty of Union Square!

Petrolo Winemaker Lunch
Petrolo Winemaker Lunch @ $149.00
Early Bird Price: $119.00
Price Including Tax: $129.56

Satuday, September 7, 2019, 1:00-4:00pm
A Sit-Down Lunch Tasting

Sitting in a historical area delimited in 1716 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III de' Medici as a particularly valuable land for wine and olive oil, Fattoria Petrolo is an idyllic estate that makes sublime wines. A true insider's wine producer, Petrolo makes cult Super Tuscans that rival the famed "aia" trio--Sassicaia, Ornellaia, and Solaia. Join IWM as we host a special Petrolo Winemaker Lunch with winemaker Rocco Sanjust and explore Petrolo's stunning range. Dine on five beautiful courses created by our own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff as Sig. Sanjust offers an intimate look at the Petrolo wines in your glass. Our first Petrolo lunch event ever, this Petrolo winemaker lunch offers a prime opportunity to get to know--and to love--one of Toscana's great undiscovered gems!

Italy: North to South
Italy: North to South @ $129.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Saturday, September 14, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit-Down Tasting

Italian wine is a textured fabric of more than 2,000 indigenous grape varietals, twenty wine regions, and about the quarter of the world's wine production. While most wine-lovers are familiar with Italian wines like Prosecco, Chianti Classico, Barolo, and Super Tuscans, many great wines remain undiscovered. IWM invites curious minds and palates to join us for our Italy, North to South tasting event. Our knowledgeable sommelier will fill your glasses with wine and your mind with knowledge as you take a wine-soaked tour of Italy, with stops in regions from Piemonte to Campania. While we'll be focusing primarily on the red wines of Italy, we'll also pour crisp whites and even a thrilling sparkling wine at this delicious, informative tasting, all complemented by regional meats and cheeses. It'll be a quick, delicious trip to Italy via its wines, and you don't even have to pack a bag!

Italy vs. France: Everyday Wines
Italy vs. France: Everyday Wines @ $109.00
Early Bird Price: $99.00
Price Including Tax: $107.79

Saturday, September 21, 2019, 1-3pm
A Sit-Down Tasting

It's Tuesday night--what should you pour with your pizza or pop with your burger? Sometimes it's not the big, statement-making wines that give you pause; it's those affordable beauties that you open on any given night. Join IWM as our knowledgeable sommelier guides you through go-to wine basics, showcasing a fine flock of both Italian and French wines that won't strain your budget or break your bank--but will reward your palate with shockingly good taste. Most French and Italian people drink wine with just about every dinner. Why shouldn't you? Let IWM show you how to nail everyday wine with European sophistication and American common sense!

Maculan Winemaker Lunch
Maculan Winemaker Lunch @ $129.00
Early Bird Price: $109.00
Price Including Tax: $118.67

Satuday, September 28, 2019, 1:00-4:00pm
A Sit-Down Lunch Tasting

IWM is excited to announce our Maculan Winemaker Lunch, a rare opportunity to explore the little-known, historical, and altogether delicious wines of Breganze. Tucked away in the Dolomite hills at the bottom of the Asiago plain in the northwest of the Veneto, Italy's Breganze wine region is small, ancient, and fascinating! Founded in 1947, Maculan is one of Breganze's foremost winemakers, and the estate's wines revel in the mixture of cultures that typify this winemaking region. Featuring winemaker Angela Maculan, this special luncheon will highlight Maculan's boutique, artisanal wines with dishes specially created by IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff. A terrific introduction to Breganze's traditions, grapes, and unique Dolomite terroir, IWM's Maculan Winemaker Lunch will let you broaden your horizon, thrill your palate, and forge new friendships--all in the heart of glamorous Union Square!