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The Wines of Abruzzo

Wines of Abruzzo Abruzzo’s wine list is a short wine, as the region essentially conducts a simplified wine classification system grounded in two principal offerings: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. It’s a list that many, nevertheless, are quite familiar with, given Abruzzo’s high and undiscriminating turnout of both….One may naturally assume that Abruzzo is inherently deficient, lacking the essential elements necessary to support quality wine production. However, its microclimate and terroir are actually quite well suited to the cultivation of grapes. Others attribute Abruzzo’s failure to realize its potential to its favored white grape—Trebbiano, Italy’s most ubiquitous white varietal, the primary distinction of which lies, in fact, in its productivity, as it basically turns out the same performance regardless of where it is grown.

There’s no excuse, however, when it comes to the red grape in question— Montepulciano—which essentially offers the virtual antithesis of its fellow white, delivering a profile comprised of generous black fruits, low acidity, and sweet tannins. Despite such ample provision, an emphasis on quantity rendered it the most exported DOC wine—as well as one of the most lacking in distinction. In recent years, however, producers have sought to maximize Montepulciano’s rich core of black and purple fruits through aging in barrique and rigorous processes of selection, producing concentrated offerings. Then there are those producers who have always performed far above the mainstream, demonstrating the remarkable inherent potential not only of Montepulciano, but of the lowly Trebbiano as well. In fact, the work of Abruzzo’s foremost practitioners—the late Edoardo Valentini and Emidio Pepe—has enabled the wines derived from these grapes to share the company of Italy’s most esteemed natives.