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The Wines of Calabria

Wines of CalabriaIn terms of commercial production, Calabria’s output is perhaps the most minimal of all Italian wine regions. This lack of productivity derives, in part, from the difficulties its terrain presents for viticultural pursuits as well as its relatively poor economy. Despite these formidable challenges, however, Calabria possesses the potential to produce wines of quality—particularly reds. While it will most likely earn viability through its red production, which it is, of course, more disposed to than the vinification of whites, Calabria’s efforts with whites—constituting 9% of the production—primarily involve Greco Bianco, a strain of the Greco grape that Calabrians claim as their own.

Greco Bianco also features in many Calabrian dry white blends—which constitute only 9% of the production—and it is the primary constituent in the whites of the Cirò Bianco DOC. Of Calabria’s 12 DOC regions, 9 are designated for white production. Other white grapes involved in these blends, which span a wide stylistic range, include Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca.