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The Wines of Emilia-Romagna

Wines of Emilia-RomagnaWhile it’s always poured a commensurate quantity, much of what’s been served has occupied a modest, albeit serviceable category—comprised nearly exclusively of frizzante Lambruscos that have quite the way with some of the region’s unabashedly rich fare. It’s no longer all about the untamed bubbles. However….the sparklers have gotten pretty serious in the last several years, joined by some still renditions that are standing out and making the region’s food and wine the equals they were intended to be. In Roman times, Emilia-Romagna existed as two distinct entities, and this separation is captured in the individual specialties pursued by each. Sparklers still dominate the portfolio as a whole, although its leading constituent is no longer exclusively showcasing its ever-popular sweet side. In fact, Emilia’s primary contribution—Lambrusco—has extended its spectrum, and now operates four distinct DOC regions, each of which may produce red and rosé frizzante wines in a variety of styles—secco, amabile, or dolce. Lambrusco operates an extensive catalogue of sub varieties, with Lambruscos Sorbara, Grasparossa, and Salamino each possessing their own DOC.