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The Wines of Le Marche

Wines of Le MarcheLe Marche, or Marche—as it is referred to in Italy—comes across as a rather straightforward character in the context of Italy’s regions. Overall, it enjoys a fairly temperate Mediterranean climate throughout its expanse. Situated on the Adriatic coast, Marche derives particular benefit from moderating breezes issuing from the sea. As it is not as yet frequented by the tourist set, it retains an authentic persona, palpably conveyed through its ancient towns and weathered castles. That said, it does quietly entice with pleasures of both the mountain and the sea via a number of attractive beaches and ski resorts.

Le Marche also keeps things fairly simple with respect to its vinous offerings, effectually limiting its white and red production to one principal grape apiece. Verdicchio is the representative of the former, constituting more than half of Le Marche’s output through its production in the zone of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. Some believe Verdicchio originated in Le Marche, though it is also associated with a few possible relatives in the white varietal family.