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The Wines of Valle d'Aosta

Wines of Trentino-Alto Adige Wine doesn’t come easy here, and not much of the minimal production makes it outside the parameters of the this zone. While it may lack an international presence, it hardly conducts an insular existence, given the multicultural nature of its extensive varietal roster, with Italian, French, and Swiss grapes all accounted for. This esoteric grape nation may seem to preclude this zone from establishing an identity to call its own, but in actuality, the extremely high altitudes of Valle d’Aosta’s vineyards allow only for certain varieties. Moreover, this extreme zone imbues the grapes with a distinctive character—attesting to this region’s unique contribution to Italy’s stylistic breadth. The region, which operates under the all-encompassing Valle d’Aosta DOC (comprised of seven zones), recognizes twenty-five discrete styles.
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Grosjean Cornalin Vigne Rovettaz 2019
Grosjean Cornalin Vigne Rovettaz 2019
Price: $34.99
Special Price: $27.99

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