Bewitching "Big Red," De Conciliis 2010 Naima!

March 24, 2020
A Note from Sergio

A fellow Campanian, winemaker Bruno De Conciliis names his wines after music--his estate's flagship wine is Naima, which gets its name from a John Coltrane song--but Bruno also does much more than just honor his favorite music. Bruno also plays jazz to his wines as they age. Step down the stairs into his cantina, and the sinuous wail of a trumpet echoes off the walls, drums beat under your footsteps, and the darkness is made lighter yet more mysterious by the sound of Bruno's favorite music: Jazz. If you consider how much wine, a living thing, responds to vibrations, you can't dismiss the effect of the music on the maturing wines. They must feel it, and they've got to respond to the wild, strange, beautiful strains.

Today, I'm delighted to feature De Conciliis Naima 2010, a beautiful Aglianico that sings of both its Campanian land and the music that surrounded it. With about a decade behind it, this wine transformed from raw youth to its elegant, adult self; it's gorgeous, and it's a wine that gets under your skin like a melody. Being born and bred in Campania, I have a passion for the wines of Italy's South. They have a way of capturing the light's purity, the soil's ancient volcanic power, and the sweetness of the air. Today's '10 Naima is superb--it's a velvety beauty that will make you happy for years and years to come.


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1. Time Sensitive Offer: Velvety and Powerful Aglianico from Cult De Conciliis

My Best,

Sergio Esposito

If music be the food of love, play on--especially if that music is jazz. Bruno De Conciliis' signature wine is the majestic mono-varietal Aglianico Naima, which Bruno named to honor his favorite John Coltrane song and his love of jazz. Naima is one of the great cult bottlings of Aglianico, the grape known as "the Nebbiolo of the South," and today, IWM is delighted to present special, time-sensitive pricing on the velvety, mineral-laden, and altogether bewitching 2010 Naima. Aglianico is Campania's most beloved indigenous grape, and the De Conciliis team works to emphasize the grape's complexity, elegance and verve. Located in the Cilento zone of Campania, De Conciliis capitalizes on southern exposure and ancient soils in this ripe climate to produce full-bodied, fruit-driven wines that are approachable, collectible, and affordable. Fully biodynamic as of a few years ago, the De Conciliis estate does more than treat its vines with respect and care; De Conciliis extends its conscientiousness to the community by employing its local workers at living wages throughout the year. Enjoyable now or years from now, the '10 Naima finds its way into your heart like a beautiful melody, and it's a song you'll want to enjoy again and again!

Why Buy This Wine:

- Naima is De Conciliis' flagship wine, and this long-aging, low-production Aglianico is a favorite of IWM's founder, Sergio Esposito, as well as our many clients who love a "big red."

- Rose petals, crushed flint, dark spices, smoked meats and citrus zest frame the sun-drenched red and blue fruits in the mesmerizing '10 Naima.

- This big red uncoils on the palate to reveal tremendous texture, chewy tannins, savory minerals and vivid acidity; a lingering, resonant finish completes this wonderful wine's drinking experience.

- A wine for Aglianico lovers, Naima is an unabashed bottling of the beloved grape and the estate's unique Cilento terroir, and this wine is enjoyable now with liberal decanting, though it has the structure to age for decades.

- De Conciliis produced fewer than 670 cases of its Naima in 2010, and only a handful of cases will make it to the US; contact your portfolio manager to secure your '10 Naima today.

De Conciliis 2010 Naima
(Italy, Puglia - Aglianico)
$54.99 Regular Price/btl

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