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Frecciarossa Riesling Gli Orti 2012 750ml (750ml)

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Producer Frecciarossa
Country Italy
Region Lombardia
Varietal Riesling
Vintage 2012
Sku WH2079
Size 750ml

Frecciarossa Description

When Dr. Mario Odero acquired the estate of Frecciarossa following World War I, his intent was to hone international recognition of the Oltrepò Pavese zone, with his estate’s wines serving as one of the primary conduits of this particular area. Upon graduating from Milan University with a degree in Agricultural Science, Mario’s son, Giorgio, assumed responsibility for all aspects of the business, including the marketing initiatives necessary to accomplish his father’s international aspirations. What is it about Oltrepò Pavese that Dr. Odero felt the world needed to know? After all, isn’t OP involved in mass production, a substantive proportion of which is base wine for Pietmontese sparklers and bulk wine for the Milanese quaffing population? While it’s true that OP does work for these audiences, Odero’s belief in the zone’s potential to cater to a far more discerning genre of wine drinker has proven to be a prescient one. Oltrepò Pavese has demonstrated particular

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