Single Vineyard Arrivals from the Classic 2016 Alto Piemonte Vintage & the Noble Nebbiolo. It’s the Monfortino Alternative from the Historic Grand Cru-Like Vineyards of Gattinara and Barolo Royalty – At Fraction of the Price.

“There is no question that the most exciting development in Alto Piemonte is Roberto Conterno’s recent acquisition of Nervi in Gattinara. Nervi is the oldest winery in Gattinara and owns several choice vineyards, including Molsino… The 2016 single-vineyard Gattinaras are out of this world. Conterno has taken his maniacal attention to detail and the best practices he has developed at his Giacomo Conterno estate in Serralunga and applied them at Nervi. The results speak for themselves.” - Antonio Galloni

If you love Italian wines, you have likely heard the applauding words surrounding the classic 2016 vintage and the prized wines of Barolo and Barbaresco. But what you should know is that these powerful words extend well beyond the boundaries of the King and Queen of Wines to Alto Piemonte. In particular, it is the small region of Gattinara, which lies about 90 miles to the north of Barbaresco, that really stands out. It is fair to say the wines have come a long way since the unique, and wiggly-shaped Travaglini Gattinaras that many of us used as candle holders in our dorms. However, it is here in Gattinara, that still somehow remains under the radar, that the noble Nebbiolo delivers exceptional value, especially in the hands of Piemonte royalty.

And that begins with Nervi (now Nervi-Conterno). This is one of Alto Piemonte’s benchmark Gattinaras and the region’s oldest Cantina – dating back to 1906. The estate shook up the wine world a few years back when Roberto Conterno, the current owner of the legendary Giacomo Conterno (Monfortino) in Barolo, acquired the estate. Conterno has been a silent consultant of Nervi since 2013, and the recent releases now have the Roberto Conterno touch and DNA running in the wines. From the entry-level Gattinara Normale to the single vineyard labels from grand cru-like terroir, Valferana and Molsino, these wines are simply stunning - offering bright acidity, minerality, and classic Nebbiolo purity.

Today, we are excited to highlight the exciting new releases of the cru Valferana and Molsino, from the standout 2016 Piedmont vintage - the finest since 2004 and 2010. They are as Antonio Galloni rather simply sums up, “In a word: Lights out. Make that two words.” IWM once again opened the 2016 Gattinara, alongside the 2014 Vigna Molsino, with the team noting “In many ways, this is the Monfortino value alternative living in the shadows of Barolo. It is another take on Nebbiolo from Barolo royalty, Roberto Conterno and the Grand Cru-like vineyard of Gattinara.”

There is no doubt that under Roberto Conterno’s leadership, Nervi will certainly be an estate to follow in the upcoming years and it is well-worth grabbing these 2016 Nervi-Conterno Gattinara Vigna Molsino and the 2016 Nervi-Conterno Gattinara Vigna Valferana .

Final Allocation: Grand Cru Vineyards From the Historic Estate - Nervi Conterno

If you are unfamiliar with Gattinara, it is part of a small region to the north of Barolo and Barbaresco called Alto Piemonte. Situated closer to the Alps, this under-the-radar region focuses on stunning terroir-driven Nebbiolo, that also represents incredible value. This past summer, Antonio Galloni highlighted the wines of the region calling the Nebbiolos of Alto Piemonte “The Last Frontier!” The best vineyards sites in Alto Piemonte and Gattinara DOCG are laden with volcanic soils and cool conditions that “yield bright, focused red wines that have the underlying minerality and acid profile to age effortlessly for years, and in many cases, decades.” These terroir-driven Nebbiolos show a distinctive style while still delivering on the typical flavor profile of the “King of Grapes and Grape of Kings.” We highly recommend these stunning Gattinaras to any Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir aficionados.

Additional Review and Notes:

2016 Nervi Conterno Gattinara Vigna Molsino
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Nervi is the oldest producer in the remote, ancient village of Gattinara – about 90 miles above Barolo and Barbaresco in Northern Piedmont (or Alto Piemonte). Over the past few years the respected estate has asked for some additional guidance from the strong hand that is Roberto Conterno. He is just an added contribution to the already established foundation that dates back to 1906 and is now quietly taking control of the ancient estate and vines. Like all things in 2016, from Napa to Bordeaux, Bolgheri to Burgundy, and Rhone Valley to Piemonte, Mother Nature blessed the earth for what is arguably the finest universal vintage since 2010 and 1990. Explosive red fruit nuances, cranberries, wild berries, dried cherries, citrus peel, tea, cigar wrapper, brown spices, eucalyptus, grilled herbs and some serious salinity. Under the explosive red fruit, there is a linear focus and pulsating energy. The finish is firm and dry as Nebbiolo should be. The Giacomo Conterno touch cannot be denied here, from the nose to the palate. This is the grand cru of Gattinara for IWM.”

96+ Points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous: "Tasted next to the Valferana, the 2016 Gattinara Vigna Molsino is much more nervous in feel. Iron, dried herbs, sweet dried cherry, mint, crushed rocks, white pepper and earthy notes give the Molsino a good deal of aromatic complexity to match its intense, saline-infused minerality. Today, though, the tannins and acids are almost overpowering. Readers will find an old-school, classically austere Gattinara that needs 10-15 years to be at its best. The 2016 is an absolute jewel of a wine, but it should be purchased only by readers with either very good genes are a ton of optimism regarding their own longevity."

2016 Nervi Conterno Gattinara Vigna Valferana
96 Points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous: "The 2016 Gattinara Vigna Valferana is every bit as impressive from bottle as it was from cask. Rich and resonant, the 2016 is so supremely beautiful as it opens up in the glass. It is a wine of real breadth and textural expansiveness. Rose petal, mint, sweet dried cherry, tar, anise and orange peel are some of the nuances that emerge, but the Valferana is a wine to admire for its total sense of balance. In a word: Lights out. Make that two words."

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