Discover the Cult-Like Brunello and Rosso "That Has More In Common with the Great Reds of Piedmont and Burgundy." Pedigree and Approachability from the Grand Cru-Like Vineyards of Montalcino.

“The Salvioni family and their wines embody the essence of what makes artisan Brunello so special. Totally hand-made, from the vineyard to the cellar and into the bottle, these wines have much more in common with the great reds of Piedmont and Burgundy than they do with the vast majority of what comes out of Montalcino these days. Up until a few years ago, labeling was still done by hand because the cellar was not equipped with power outlets that could handle modern equipment. Production is miniscule, which means bottles disappear from the market as quickly as they arrive.” Antonio Galloni

These are some strong words above, but perhaps my favorite quote on the prized wines of Salvioni in trying to track down more in Italy, "…there is none, it’s too delicious." Well said! While we have highlighted many of the great value expressions from Caprili, Ciacci Piccolomini, and Lisini we wanted to share another side of Montalcino, and that is the cult-like wines of Salvioni (La Cerbaiola). Sure, there are 250+ producers in Montalcino bottling Brunello, but the wines of Salvioni simply are, as Antonio Galloni and many others have pointed out, “monuments to the potential of Sangiovese in Montalcino, while many of the more recent vintages are contemporary masterpieces.”

The wines are well-worth seeking out and the only reason you might not know this phantom producer is simple, in good years, there are just four casks of Brunello produced from a mere 1.5 hectare of the prized La Cerbaiola vineyard. The property and vineyard sits in “one of the most celebrated stretches of land in all of Montalcino,” right alongside the neighboring Cerbaiona. In fact, alongside the likes of Gianfranco Soldera, Stella di Campalto, Cerbaiona, Poggio di Sotto, it is Salvioni that is the cult producer we are constantly seeking. And getting back vintages of Salvioni, “Fuhgeddaboudit,” they are unicorn sightings for the wine buyers of the world. Well, there is some good news to report, after scouring the planet, we just secured the 2016 Salvioni Brunello from the classic vintage for what might just be the estate's finest to date, challenging the 2010 and 2006.

…But here is the inside tip, Well, after scouring the planet, we just secured the 2016 Salvioni Brunello from the classic vintage for what might just be the finest to date, challenging the 2010 and 2006. Why? It is because this is a true Baby Brunello, and all the Sangiovese is Brunello-designated fruit. In fact, the noble grape is sourced from the prized La Cerbaiola vineyards and produced from the magical direction of Guilio Salvioni. This is a Rosso of unparalleled pedigree, and you can feel the extra power and depth, but it is a wine of awesome approachability for today. It is another bottle that we internally call a grand cru Rosso di Montalcino and is truly a Baby Brunello that offers a taste of the cult Salvioni.

Regardless of titles, the Rosso di Montalcino is striking today with a recommended decant, and has just arrived to New York and is available at $79.99!

FEATURED WINES: Cult Montalcino and “Baby Brunello” from Salvioni

*indicates pre-arrival

In our opinion, the best tip we can provide is the 2016 Brunello alongside the 2019 Rosso. This might just be Salvioni’s finest moment in 50+ years. And we are proud to say, we are one of the only merchants you will find the wines of Salvioni Brunello is at Italian Wine Merchants. This is a historic moment, as this represents a rare trifecta of three 5-star (*****) vintages from the Consorzio where Mother Nature blessed the hills outside of Siena with the ideal weather conditions for growing grapes.


2019 Salvioni (La Cerbaiola) Rosso di Montalcino
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “I know everyone is focused on the classic releases from 2016, but this little wine got us excited about the ripe 2019 vintage in Montalcino – that is already being compared to 2015. This is a true, grand cru-like Baby Brunello from the cult producer Salvioni and prized vineyards at La Cerbaiola. Just two casks are produced in select vintages, and it is a rarity that overdelivers. But here is the important tip on the Rosso, decant it, let it breathe two hours or more for a dramatic change allowing the wine to best integrate. With airtime, it has a nose that simply grabs you by the nostrils and pulls you in. The purity of juicy fruit is simply awesome and that is the benefit of the lesser aging, as there is freshness with elegance. When compared to the 2018, it is a bigger wine with a silkier texture, that is simply a more forward expression. You can expect sweet and ripe fruit, a medley of wild berries, red cherries, raspberries, citrus, crushed flowers, herbs, and savory minerality. With its inviting and silky texture, it is hard not to drink this bottle quick, it is that delicious today. Let this wine breathe or age, for stunning results.”

2016 Salvioni (La Cerbaiola) Brunello di Montalcino
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “As with every vintage, this is hands down one of the “Brunello of the Year” that we tasted, and we taste a lot. It is simply jaw-dropping and flipping delicious today, even if it requires more time. The key word at Salvioni in 2016 is – balance. We uncorked the bottle on our second floor and it filled the room, easily one of those wines where we say the nose alone is worth the price of admission. This is the Brunello that gets us excited about drinking Brunello. You can expect nuances of ripe cherries, red licorice, wild berries (red and blue), crushed flowers, a touch of leather, sweet tobacco, charcoal, and chalky minerality. Sure, there is nice concentration and textural richness at the start, but let this wine breathe and settle and you begin to see a more delicate and sophisticated side to the wine that is almost Burgundian. This is a more elegant expression than 2015, with more spine and inner perfume. While deceivingly approachable with its signature sweet red fruit, the best is yet to come. This understated beauty is a MUST BUY for the Brunello connoisseur. WOW!”

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