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Wine Clubs

Global Artisan Club

Global Artisan Club ~ $329 Monthly

(Back by Popular Demand and Upgraded)

The wines featured in this club are crowd pleasers of the world. The selections share opulence with complexity and are ready to drink now but can be aged further. Selections and can include standout wines from the likes of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Ribera del Duero, Burgundy, Valtellina, Rioja, Patagonia, Cornas and more.

Ships 3rd to 4th Week of Each Month
Product Code: CL-GLOBAL   ID: 17272

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Signature Club

Signature Club ~ $179 Monthly

(Also known as the Big Wine Club)

Signature Wine members are already conversant in Italian varietals and the country’s producers and are looking to broaden — and deepen — their knowledge. Three wines will be shipped monthly that are ready to enjoy but also fully capable of improving with age. Wine notebook developed by our expert staff that includes wine notes and food pairings The memoir Passion on the Vine, signed by Sergio Esposito Extensive loyalty program.

Ships 3rd to 4th Week of Each Month
Product Code: CL-BIG   ID: 14551

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Collector Club

Collector Club ~ $299 Monthly

(Also known as Sergio's Cellar Club)

Members of the Collector Club have already made a serious commitment to Italian wine. Club members receive three wines each month that are some of the most acclaimed and sought-after labels in the market today as well as the personal service of an IWM Wine Portfolio Manager to advise on buying and cellaring their wines.

Ships 3rd to 4th Week of Each Month
Product Code: CL-SERG   ID: 14560

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Exploration Club

Exploration Club ~ $99 Monthly 

A Wine Club for the Novice

IWM's original wine club level brings Italy's small artisan winemakers from Alto Piemonte to the volcanic slopes of Sicilia to your front door. This club is a beginner’s guide to Italy's expansive array of wine regions and indigenous red varietals that are ready for consumption today.

Ships 3rd to 4th Week of Each Month
Product Code: CL-EXPL  ID: 14552

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